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5 Realistic New Year Resolutions  - SubSines

5 Realistic New Year Resolutions That Can Make You A Better Person

Most of us see the idea of the new year as a time for change. And this is why most of us enter the year with a promise to change ourselves, or our lives, for the better. The problem is, most of the time, these self-made promises don’t even get past January. =)

It is undeniable that we all strive to become better individuals. But there are numerous factors at play that make it difficult for people to follow through.

This is why I came up with 5 realistic new year resolutions that will not only help you become a better person, but will also help you contribute to the betterment of society as well.

1. Use Less Plastic

Transforming yourself into a better person entails that you look out for the best interest of others. And what better way to do this than by doing your share in keeping the only home we have as a species,asliveable. Plastic destroys our planet, so regularly make a decision to reject plastic in your life.

2. Eat Less Meat

I am not implying that you become a vegetarian, but rather just cut down on your meat consumption. The reason for this again goes back to the preservation of our environment.

The bigger the global demand for meat, the more land area that is converted into grazing land for domesticated animals, not to mention the negative impact on global warming.

3. Spend Less Time With Your Gadgets

Though technology has its benefits, one of the biggest concerns of Psychologists is the decline of real human interaction.

I’m not saying that you need to turn off your devices every time you are with another person, but rather only use them if really needed.

An electronic message can never be at par with a good old face-to-face conversation.

4. Join An Organization

There are thousands of non-government organizations around the world, each with their own purpose and goal.

Ask yourself what you’re truly passionate about and find a charity that fits your advocacy.

5. Think Of Other Ways That You Can Improve Yourself

You know yourself best. And if you are indeed serious about becoming a better person, it is only YOU that can push yourself to realize the best way to achieve this.

Ask yourself what you want to become, and take note of the hindrances that can stop you from achieving your goal.

Change doesn’t happen overnight but a great way to start is to help others first, and the rest will follow.


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