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Using Meditation To Deal With Death And Grief

It is common for us to celebrate birth. Death on the other hand is seen as an uncomfortable reality. And regardless of how much we mentally prepare in dealing with it, we still find ourselves filled with grief when faced by it. Grief is not a bad thing. It is our way of dealing with […]

Do You Know You Lose Weight Without Dieting?

A few days ago, we published a post about “Is Mindfulness Meditation The Ultimate Weight Loss Program?”. Some might be wondering as to why we suddenly started posting articles about losing weight. The reason is that we know that not everyone visits, or use, our meditation audios because they practice meditation or are spiritual beings. […]

Forego On Deciding To Change Until You Ask These 3 Questions

The only thing that is constant in life is change. And it is also one that strikes fear in our hearts. It’s not that we don’t welcome change, but rather more of us being afraid of what it might bring. It is this fear of the unknown that holds us back from stepping out of […]

Is Mindfulness Meditation The Ultimate Weight Loss Program?

Countless weight loss programs have been created in the past couple of decades. And though some have indeed lived up, or even exceeded expectations, most fail to target the root cause of why people become overweight. Most if not all weight loss programs focus more on the body rather than on a person’s mindset towards […]

A Lesson In Deep Ambient Sound Meditation

We spent countless hours developing all our meditation audios; and it is something that we are deeply proud of. That is why we are very happy that more people are starting to embrace the use of ambient sound to enhance their meditation experience. For this article, Rick Heller talks about how he uses ambient sounds […]

You Might Be Meditating Without You Knowing It

Allotting 20 minutes each day for meditation doesn’t take too much of our time. But then again, there are those that want to meditate on a daily basis but fail to do so. It can be either they truly are busy, or just find the act too boring. If you are the latter, or know […]

The Benefits Of Meditation From MIT and Harvard Neuroscientists

When a person talks about the benefits of meditation, critics would always reply with “can you back that with facts?” And I guess this same question pushed neuroscientists from MIT and Harvard to conduct a clinical study about it. Studies have shown that meditating regularly can help relieve symptoms in people who suffer from chronic […]

Using Your Work Desk To Attain Balance

Stress is constantly present at work. And as there is no way for us to escape its presence, we might as well try and find ways to minimize its impact on us if we want to have a productive day. In this article, allow me to share with you 4 ways to  attain balance in […]

20 Simple Activities That Can Easily Improve Productivity

We all go through some sort of productive slump at some point in our lives. Intentional or not, the important thing is not to dwell on the cause, but rather on how we can go back to our old productive self. In this article, we have 20 activities you can do to get you back […]

5 Realistic New Year Resolutions That Can Make You A Better Person

Most of us see the idea of the new year as a time for change. And this is why most of us enter the year with a promise to change ourselves, or our lives, for the better. The problem is, most of the time, these self-made promises don’t even get past January. =) It is […]