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When David Bowie Almost Became A Buddhist Monk

Yes, it has been more than a week since Bowie’s passing, but for those of us who have been influenced by his music and philosophy, it’s still a sad and difficult loss to move on from. Though most remember him through his works within and outside the music industry, a lesser known fact was that […]

How To Handle Individuals That Blame You For Everything

It can be very stressful to have someone constantly blaming you for things left and right. As we live in a culture where people tend to pass blame unto others rather than acknowledge it themselves, how do we deal with such things? Here is an interesting take on how to deal with the issue of […]

Benefits Of Meditation: 3 Pro Athletes Share How Meditation Helps Them Excel

Top athletes are at a superior level when it comes to physical capabilities and mental toughness. In order for them to compete at the apex of their chosen sport, they have to go through physical and mental preparation, which includes having amazing focus. One of the many benefits of meditation is increased focus, and when […]

Beyond Meditation: Simple tips to increase productivity in the workplace

We, here at SubSines, believe that meditation should be a part of every person’s daily life. But sometimes in the workplace, meditation alone may not be enough to completely eliminate the loss of productivity and focus due to unforeseen stressors. Productivity and efficiency is required of all of us in the workplace. Slip below the […]

3 Simple Meditation Techniques For Beginners

With countless ways for a person to get into meditation, the difficult part is not knowing you want to start meditating, but rather figuring out where to actually start. Just like when you dip your fingers into anything new, you must first start with something basic, workable, and uncomplicated. So in this article, I want […]

Patrul Rinpoche Talks About Our Negative Qualities

We sometimes need to take a step back in order to clearly see what our shortcomings are. That is why for this article, I decided to share the teachings of the great Patrul Rinpoche. As an author and teacher of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, I hope that the teachings of Patrul Rinpoche will be as […]

How The SubSines Accelerator System Converted A Skeptic

One of the greatest gifts about working in the meditation field is receiving feedback about our meditation systems, like the letter below. I had to share it on my blog since it touched my heart so much! I hope you too enjoy reading it as much as I did. =) I have been a longtime […]

Meditation For Beginners: An 8 Step Guide To Meditation For First-Timers

Let’s face it… meditating for the first time can feel daunting. And though there may be thousands of how-to articles on the internet, and meditation music and tutorials on YouTube, when you first try it, you may question if what you did was actually right. Trust me, I have been there before. And it wasn’t […]

Meditation For Beginners: 5 Negative Traits You Should Let Go Of

When you’re bogged down by negative energy, it can feel overwhelming. Yet on the flip-side, if you’re filled with positivity from the inside out… it doesn’t even matter if you encounter negative people, their energy won’t affect you. But the question is, how do you let go of negativity in your life? And specifically what […]

Meditation For Beginners: Why You Need A Sacred Space

A “sacred” space is an area of your home specifically set aside for meditation, doing yoga, or just for relaxing in general. Though the term technically has no religious undertones associated with it, we as humans are spiritual beings at heart and are constantly searching for meaning, direction and purpose. And by allotting a section […]