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How The SubSines Accelerator System Converted A Skeptic - SubSines - SubSines

How The SubSines Accelerator System Converted A Skeptic

One of the greatest gifts about working in the meditation field is receiving feedback about our meditation systems, like the letter below. I had to share it on my blog since it touched my heart so much! I hope you too enjoy reading it as much as I did. =)

I have been a longtime fan of ambient music since I discovered Brian Eno back in high school. At a time when metal and punk were the staples of mine and my friend’s cassette players, I have to say that I didn’t understand what Eno’s sound was. What I did know though was that his tape was glued to my cassette player and I played it every night before I fell asleep; and enjoyed going on a fun and deep inward journey.

The reason why I used my high school memories to start this letter was because if I hadn’t encountered the people behind SubSines, I would have believed all those journeys I experienced when I was young were nothing more than my imagination running wild.

Discovering The SubSines Meditation Audios

The catalyst to this shift in my mindset started when I was first introduced to the SubSines Accelerator System.

To come clean with things, I was really skeptical about it at first. My skepticism stemmed from the fact that I have been listening to numerous meditation audios on YouTube, and found myself more amused than impressed by them.

Also I believed that meditation music was nothing more than new age fluff. Oh how I was greatly mistaken.

When the SubSines Accelerator started playing, I felt right at home. It was nothing different to the ambient tracks I’ve been listening to for years. But the further I intently listened, the more I became aware that this was far from the typical ambient tracks I was accustomed to. It resonated with me not just in a physical way, but in a more spiritual manner.

Having picked the guided meditation version of the SubSines Accelerator System, I actually felt like I was in a trance for the first time in my life. The more I followed what the voice on the audio track told me to do, the more my body started melting away as if it was an ice cube left on the pavement on a hot sunny day. The only physical part of my body that I felt I had a connection with, was my head.

As the session went further, the sensation of an energy rushing out the crown of my head freaked me out a bit, but in a good way. Later on, it was explained to me that such a sensation is common for individuals that have attained a sort of spiritual awakening.

So for the first time in my 36 years of existence, I had finally reached a meditative state.

Objective Spirituality

If you think that I am now a “new age” person full of positivity and spirituality, think again. I am still a punk at heart and still firmly believe that The Clash was way better than The Ramones. But then again, I would be a hypocrite if I denied the fact that my experience with the SubSines Accelerator System has changed something in me.

Did it change my life for the better? Well, it ain’t no magic pill. I still go through the normal challenges the world throws at me. What changed though is that when I get back home, I feel the same sense of excitement that I felt back in high school. I take comfort in the idea that when I put my headphones on and start listening to my SubSines audios, my mind can take a break from all the stress of life and freely wander just like when I was in high school.

It is rare for us adults to have the luxury of not dealing with everyday stressors. And for me, I truly am thankful for having to have stumbled upon the SubSines Accelerator System. I have been using it for a month now. So technically, I have been meditating for an entire month too.

There are numerous articles on the net about the positive results of meditation; that it can alleviate stress, make a person much healthier, help one become more focused etc. And all those benefits I welcome with open arms.

But if you ask me what I’m truly thankful for in discovering the SubSines meditation audios, it is the idea that even just for an hour, I can escape the complexities of the real world, rejuvenate my mind and body, and open my eyes fully ready to take on any challenges the world throws at me.

This letter was sent to us from the email 9to5scene@gmail.com.

If you want to share your experience with our meditation audios, please don’t hesitate to send us an email. And for those that are interested as to why we get emails like the one you just read, go and try out our FREE 15 minute inception audio.

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