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The Newbie Guide To Meditating Like A Buddhist

Buddhism is over 2000 years old and focuses on mindfulness, wisdom and being present. They spend many countless hours meditating and as a result develop concentration, clarity and emotional positivity.

To meditate like a Buddhist may take years to master, but below is a newbie guide you can follow for meditation that will help you cultivate a new, more positive way of being.

Get A Comfortable Cushion To Sit On

Though you can meditate even while sitting on the floor, if you’re just getting started, you might find this uncomfortable and it could become a distraction to your mind inside your meditations.

So first, find a comfortable cushion to sit on. This could be your pillow, your yoga mat, or even a blanket folded up a few times. If you’re dedicated to buying something specific for your meditation practice, then I would recommend buying a a zabuton or a zafu.

Find A Suitable Space To Meditate

The best place to meditate is somewhere quiet and comfortable.

Also, make sure that your TV, radio, computer and most especially your mobile phone are all turned off during your session. You don’t want be interrupted in the middle of your meditation by a text or call from your friend asking if you have seen the new funny video he posted on Facebook, right?

It’s also best to wear clothes that are less constricting. Remember that during meditation, your senses are heightened. So if your clothes are tight or itchy, the feeling will be greatly magnified.

Now if your place is a haven for noise pollution, then you may want to check out my other article explaining how to meditate anywhere.

Sit Down, Be Comfortable, Relax

As you enter your meditation session, you can either sit or kneel, but the key here is to ensure that your spine is totally straight. This is to ensure the smooth flow of energy from your body up towards your crown. You can choose to sit in a lotus position, but if you’re new to meditation, I recommend that you instead sit in a position that you find most comfortable naturally. The reason for this is that maintaining the lotus position for prolonged periods of time takes lots of practice and you want to eliminate any need to adjust your body once you get started, as that will act as a distraction.

Now that you are sitting comfortably, rest both hands with palms facing up, on your lap. Slowly close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe slow and deep and count every breath until you reach to 10. Once you have reached your 10th breath, repeat the process.

The purpose of the count is to condition your brain to only focus on breathing and nothing else. So don’t worry too much about the count itself as it is just a guide.

Don’t Entertain Thoughts

Am I doing it right? What should I cook for dinner? Is that my neighbor listening to Miley Cyrus again?

Thoughts will constantly hound you during meditation, but the common mistake people make is that they try and block their thoughts, which ultimately leads to frustration. A successful meditation practice occurs when you don’t interact with the thoughts that enter your mind. I know it might sound like a complicated concept, but just try it out as it works!

When you’re just starting out, try meditating for just 5 or 10 minutes and slowly work your way up as your practice deepens.

When coming out of your session, make sure that you do it gradually. Start by first focusing on the sensation in your toes and work upwards until you reach your mouth, cheeks, and eventually your eyes. This is when you open your eyes and then slowly get up.

Well, that’s my newbie guide to meditating like a Buddhist. If this article has helped you, do leave me a message about your experience in the comment section below. And if doing meditation by yourself is something you find difficult, you can always go download our FREE meditation music as the technology behind it is designed to effortlessly quiet your mind.


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