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Raw Power


The development of SubSines is the brain child of award winning producer Lennart Krarup and meditation expert Joanne Swift. Since its birth, the company’s main focus has and continues to be, bridging the gap between ancient meditation philosophies and the latest brainwave synchronization technologies.

Cutting Edge

The technology infused in all of the SubSines audios is the latest and greatest in brainwave entrainment technology. All of the powerful SubSines audios have been developed in-house on equipment especially calibrated for this delicate and time consuming process. The result is nothing less than extraordinary and thousands of people all over the world are already reaping the benefits.


Having taken our time in both the development and the production of SubSines audios, we can assure the listener that each audio is infused with the latest SubSines technologies, all developed and designed in the SubSines tech lab in Ibiza, Spain. To find out more about some of the technologies we use, please read more below.

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