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You Might Be Meditating Without You Knowing It

Allotting 20 minutes each day for meditation doesn’t take too much of our time. But then again, there are those that want to meditate on a daily basis but fail to do so. It can be either they truly are busy, or just find the act too boring.

If you are the latter, or know of anyone that can be described as such, here are some ordinary daily activities that would suffice.

1. Cooking 

Just like anything else in life, you can approach cooking with a number of perspectives. On the one hand, it can be a burden that is too time consuming for you to do on your own or it could be a source of great joy and pride. You don’t need to be a professional chef to cook your own food from scratch and create something that is delicious and meditative.

There is something about cutting the vegetables, being focused on the task at hand (like not burning the garlic!) that makes the entire process worthwhile in a way you may have never thought of.

2. Coffee & Tea

Just like cooking, you can take one of many perspectives with making and drinking either coffee or tea. Either it is a source to fulfill a drug addiction (caffeine) or it is a way to create a great work of art. Sure, Starbucks has coffee for sale, but you can create an entire ritual and practice around coffee that is completely different.

Grinding your own coffee beans provides a special aroma as does the plethora of other ways to make it. Have you ever heard of an aeropress? Well, it’s a unique (and rare) way to filter coffee that adds to the process. Unless you take a look at the finer things, it’s impossible to see these possibilities.

3. Yoga

This is pretty self-explanatory and it is probably one of the most popular ways of doing a moving meditation. There are dozens of yoga studios in most major cities and it was traditionally meant to serve this purpose. If you are planning to start a yoga practice, you will quickly find that it has many of the perspectives as meditation, but it is perceived as less boring.

Some people choose to think of yoga as a way of improving their flexibility and this is a byproduct, but most often it is not the best result. Try to think of yoga as a tool to get you into your body and focused on breathing and behaving with presence.

4. Artwork

Whether it is music, writing poetry, or drawing, artwork of any kind is a great meditation. While most people who do art have a good relationship to it, there are plenty who never make the time to create artwork of their choice. When it comes to what to create, just do whatever feels best. For some people it is visual, others it is instrumental.

The point is to do something for the purpose of doing it rather than having an objective. This allows you to create from a more meditative place, which is calming and relaxing without being completely silent and still.

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Source: Huffingtonpost.com

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